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Amplify is a dynamic group of young people in school years 10+ (aged 14 and over). They are a group passionate about God and their community, who are committed to working out what living the 'God-life' looks like in twenty-first century Worthing.

Through a wide range of activities, opportunities, initiatives and large and small groups, Amplify seeks to be a safe place where people can explore a life lived as an apprentice of Jesus.

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Our main session is on a Sunday evening at the church, between 7.30-9pm. These sessions are for anyone and everyone, where we hang out, drink lovely hot chocolate, play silly games, have great chats, engaging discussion and embark on crazy activities.

We run a couple of short courses on subjects linked to our termly theme during the week. Check out the term card for more information.


Weekends Away
A key formational part of our year is the weekends away we run for each of the groups. We find that taking time away from the busy-ness of every day life leads us to find and experience God in a way that seems more difficult at home. Weekends away are centred around having excellent time together and with Jesus, learning about His word, His character, His life and how we can journey together to become more like Him each day.

Weekends away take place during the spring term. 

Let's Talk
We hope to launch a new initiative in the new year where you'll have the opportunity to meet and talk informally with one of the Amplify leaders on a one-off or regular basis, to talk anything through and pray together. We generally meet in coffee shops in town and the hot chocolate is on us!


We want you to know that you can discuss anything you like with us, and we promise to keep it to ourselves unless we are concerned that you, or someone else, may be at risk.

Simply speak to, call, or text one of the leaders to arrange an appropriate time, or if you need to talk to someone urgently, then contact Jo Phillips in the Church Office.